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Come and enjoy a glass of champagne and listen to the enlightening story of this amazing indigenous woman.

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Shelley Maree Hunter, has an amazing story to tell and it’s one that is both profound yet incredibly uplifting.

But…. Shelley goes a lot further than just telling us her story.  She shows us how to overcome tragedy and turn adversity into a full and rewarding life.  Her book gives us her biography – and then the methods she uses to overcome her adversities.

Shelley is an indigenous woman, growing up and travelling throughout Victoria, initially training long distance endurance horses and assisting in the management of various properties throughout her early life.

Shelley became the mother of three babies when her partner, their father, passed away. She was left to raise the children on her own.  Soon after his death, Shelley, the single mum, had a near fatal car accident crushing almost her entire facial structure resulting in a traumatic brain injury.

Then she faced an infectious bone disease which raged throughout her skull. Medics gave her less than two years to live as she embarked on a 10-year journey of reconstructive surgical, medical and rehabilitation interventions.

As if this wasn’t enough, during this decade Shelley was diagnosed with cervical cancer which required further surgical medical intervention.  Shelley was now at her sickest, plummeting to 48 kilos and so close to death she could smell it.

As illness took over and left her bed bound, her young children became her carers.

Those young children have now become resilient, healthy and independent adults.

For many of us the death of a partner could become a life changer.  For others an alarmingly disfiguring motor vehicle accident could permanently affect us mentally as well as physically.  Being diagnosed with cancer is not often considered the icing on a well baked cake!

While all this was going on Shelly was gaining multiple Qualifications and Certifications in Social and Community services, Fitness and Health, Yin Yoga Teacher training, Flower Essence therapy, and Reiki Healing among many other spiritual an energetic practises.  She paid special attention to Community Service work with exclusive Disability and Mental Health Training.

Shelley also worked in many industries: the arts; managing businesses (tattoo studios); aged care; vision impaired; disability and mental health support work both hands-on and supporting clients with living skills training.  Simple things like cooking lessons to fitness plans to the more complex areas of providing support to help individuals achieve goals and maintain their health and well being.

Shelley is the empowering force behind mentoring others towards personal and spiritual growth and healing through all of life’s experiences.

This (can and often) includes mental health trauma, disability, drug addiction and troubled youth experiences. All those things that impact on our inner and outer worlds.

A little about Shelley’s experience that led to her journey of personal and spiritual growth.

Shelley explored a whole range of therapies and healing modalities until she found something magical that worked!

She healed everything that had happened ……from the inside out. She is now free of the incurable bone infectious disease and the cancer.

How she overcame adversity and you can too.  Shelley’s workshops!

Shelley is very practical and interactive. She will help you to accelerate your journey to explore your inner magic through personal and spiritual growth. You will discover mindful tools and strategies that will transform the life of your dreams into reality.

Shelley came up with a simple concept.  It comprises years of her own life experiences – healing, research, study, professional work and mentoring.


The framework of this model is simple:

S for smile;

I for I am powerful;

M for mirror the reflection;

P for pleasure your senses;

L for love yourself;

E for experience gratitude.


Shelley’s workshops will show you how to turn this simple concept into a working model that works specifically for you.  She will draw on anecdotal and her life experiences to provide you with the skills and strategies to make your life as you want it.


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